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Cellulite is harmless in itself, but many people find the sight unsightly and suffer mentally from it. There is no established remedy for cellulite - however, you will find numerous tips and household remedies on the Internet that are designed to reduce cellulite. Cellinea is a dietary supplement that you take as a capsules to improve your cellulite.
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The trouble with cellulite - a woman's problem?

Cellulite mainly affects women - the majority of them discover this unloved phenomenon in the course of their lives, which is colloquially known as orange peel skin. Because cellulite leads to irregularities in the skin, so that the affected skin area reminds of the peel of an orange. That's good to know: Medical experts call orange peel skin (Peau d'orange) a symptom of disease. Cellulite, on the other hand, is completely harmless, apart from the psychological consequences of the cosmetic problem.
As you get older, the likelihood of developing cellulite increases. In addition, overweight can contribute to a stronger development.
Many supposed secret recipes and tips against cellulite are criticized by experts. But wouldn't it be nice if there was a cure for cellulite? Cellinea suggests that's exactly what he is. What kind of product is this? Is it also available on invoice or from amazon? Can the implied effect be proven by a reviews or User reviews over Cellinea? Let us take a closer look at the remedy with you.

This is how the product should work

On the product website of Cellinea, where you can also use the food supplement order, there is very little information about a possible effect of the product. The page title speaks only of a "treatment against cellulite on the bottom, abdomen, legs". From this it can be concluded that the product is supposed to reduce cellulite - how does it really work? Such details unfortunately remain somewhat vague. Ultimately, the goal of the remedy is to help you improve your appearance. With this intention it resembles e.g. the Instant Wrinkle Reducer.

You can find these ingredients in Cellinea

The product page linked above lists the following ingredients:

  • Grape seed-Extract

  • Field Horsetail-Extract

  • Nettle root-Extract

  • Green-Tea-Extract

  • Bladder kelp extract

A detailed list of all ingredients can be found on the website and probably also on the packaging. Unlike Unique Hoodia, the product seems to contain common ingredients.

Background information on the individual ingredients

The grape seed extract is said to contain the flavonoid OPC. According to other sources, the abbreviation stands for oligomeric proanthrocyanidine. The physician and microbiologist Jacques Masquelier discovered OPC in 1948 and linked it to the treatment of venous disorders. OPC is said to have various properties - for example, it is said to be anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
The field horsetail is actually known as a weed. According to the Cellinea website, it contains silica. There is hardly any information on the stinging nettle root extract on the product website. We notice, however, that stinging nettle also occurs in various other products that are supposed to have an effect on the skin in the broadest sense. Unfortunately, we cannot assess the effectiveness of these funds at this point.
Green tea is unlike black tea not fermented, but also contains caffeine. Since some years green tea is considered as superfood and many users report positive experience - but also criticism is not rare. Although there is some evidence that green tea may affect the body, many people have too high expectations of the herbal product.

What information is there about side effects?

On the product website we could not find any information about possible side effects. The salesman advises you not to use a dietary supplement taking if you are Pregnant or sensitized. Pregnant women as well as children and youth younger than 18 years should also not use the product according to the website.

Do you have to take the supplements in the pharmacy buy?

Various websites write that you don't have to use Cellinea in the pharmacy or amazon buy, but can do it online order. The price is often criticized because he is not cheap. However, it is unlikely that you will be able to find an offer that is particularly favourable in a price comparison - our research gave us the impression that the dietary supplement is mainly sold directly on the product website. For a price comparison, on the other hand, it makes sense if several different providers can be compared with each other. We could not recognize whether an order on account is also possible.

What is to be considered with the application von Cellinea?

Cellinea is a dietary supplement filled with the oral taking in capsules. According to the product website, you should swallow two capsules a day. You take the remedy during one meal at a time. The seller points out that you should not exceed the recommended dosage.
Not only with Cellinea, but also with other products like Nicorix, Gynectrol or Metadrol you should always follow the recommended dosage and other instructions for use.

Which results can Cellinea achieve?

On the product website there is no exact information about which resultss are possible. It is merely referred to as "treatment against cellulite". Before and after pictures, User reviews or hints for an objective review cannot be found on the Cellinea website. On the product website the many spelling mistakes catch the eye. If you are interested in before and after pictures or experience with Cellinea, you will have to research other websites.

Which evaluation receives the product?

We have done just that and looked around on the Internet to see what successes or failures are associated with the supplement. Some websites are generally concerned with the means of doing without a reviews of their own, but nevertheless come to a positive evaluation. Other authors criticize dietary supplements, which are supposed to help against cellulite, however violently and doubt that these bring something.

Articles, forum and blog posts

A real review can, however, give more information about whether a remedy works or not. Does it really work? Some articles state that the effects would occur after eight weeks in most users. A user writes in a forum that she had already noticed a change after half of this time.

What objective sources and studies are there?

We couldn't find any reference to studies being conducted with Cellinea. As far as the ingredients are concerned, the green tea and the grape seed extract are the subject of some investigations. However, they mainly deal with topics other than cellulite and critics doubt whether anti-cellulite drugs can work at all.

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Fake or original?

With products such as Cellinea, but also Nicorix, Gynectrol, Metadrol, Unique Hoodia and Instant Wrinkle Reducer, various websites warn against fake copies that are supposed to circulate. The warnings may be due to the fact that these products are not available everywhere. Therefore, if you want to give Cellinea a chance, it seems to make sense to be vigilant at purchase.

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